There is nothing more satisfying, big or small for us than providing you with the perfect type of cake for your celebration or something to snack on. Whether it’s a Birthday, Christening, Wedding or any other special occasion we can produce a bespoke, beautifully decorated and delicious cake or cupcakes for you. At Yummilicious Cakes we use fresh natural ingredients, including real butter to give that truly yummy flavour.

Our baker Uju, has a passion for baking, making small chops and for years she has provided family and friends with tasty cakes and cupcakes.

Tell us your ideas and we’ll bring them to life in cake form. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at the gallery or speak to the team and owner of Yummilicious Cakes (Uju). We’d love to inspire you to come up with the perfect idea for your ideal cake creation and small chops. And we’ll love making it too.

Chocolate Cake


Chocolate cake or chocolate gâteau is a cake flavoured with melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or both. With a tender crumb and rich frosting, a layered chocolate cake always impresses, no matter the occasion.

Coconut Cake


Our homemade coconut cake comes with any flavours of your choice and toppings or fillings. Make your request by contacting us or state your request at the checkout process.